QA Seminar #3 – Poultry



Another successful and engaging QA seminar was held this week presented by Dr Tony Pavic of Baiada. It was well received by those lucky enough to attend. Here are some of the comments left by our industry peers



What did you most enjoy?

  • Great content, great speaker, great to meet and network, also great to catch up with old colleagues
  • Dr Pavic’s enthusiasm
  • Enthusiasm and industry detail
  • Meeting people from the food industry, information of the presentation – loved it
  • I really enjoyed Tony’s wealth of knowledge and passion for the industry and his job
  • Enjoy the real food industry presentations
  • Most enjoyed the overviews of chicken farming
  • Least- certain keywords hard to hear. Most – amazing standard of presentation
  • The simple solutions to major problems
  • I love learning from more experienced professionals
  • Liked the processing slides, technical discussion a little over my head
  • Tony’s enthusiasm
  • Great content and inspiring to understand all the bits needed to reduce the incidence of salmonella / campylobacter in broilers from feed, hatchery to finished product , a success story

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