Future Food BOOTCAMP 2018


Brisbane and South East Queensland have every ingredient needed to shape the future food and beverage market – from quality products and infrastructure, to research and technology expertise, a business-friendly environment, entrepreneurial spirit, and an investment community hungry for the next big food innovation.


Bringing together local trailblazers across food, business and investment, Future Food BOOTCAMP 2018 will serve up a diverse menu of discussions and preview a banquet of upcoming programs and events to accelerate your food business to the next level. Hungry for success? Don’t miss it!


Program highlights


  • Innovation & Research – Hear about the latest trends in food and the complementing local research and development.
  • Who can help my food business?– Digest and connect to local expertise, buyer networks and infrastructure within SE Queensland.
  • Money Matters– Hear about finance, grant funding, and attracting investment.
  • Need Business Acceleration?Whether it’s to reach global markets, or assistance in product development, or you’re just brewing something new? Preview our upcoming accelerator programs.


Date: 23 March 2018
Brisbane Marriot
Cost: Free Event

Register now: http://www.futurefoodbrisbane.com.au/